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Empty Classrooms and Black Market Textbooks

For Iraqi youth, opportunities to attend school have diminished. Without renewed investment in the country’s education system, the next 30 years will witness the maturation of a generation lacking its predecessor’s skills and training — reshaping its socio-economic environment.

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Double the Impact

In light of the hateful rhetoric about refugees, Muslims, and innocent victims of ISIS violence expressed throughout the recent U.S. Presidential campaign, there is reason to be concerned as a new administration prepares take power in Washington. To counter these messages and educate policymakers and the public about the value of our immigrants, the need to provide a meaningful humanitarian response to the crisis in Iraq, and the potential for peace – we need your support. One of our most generous donors who recognizes the extraordinary challenges the new administration presents has committed to match, dollar-for-dollar, every gift we receive

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Unraveling the Peace in Sinjar

Political rivalries and proxy conflict threaten to engulf Sinjar’s vulnerable Yazidi population in renewed violence. How local and regional actors manage this region can offer lessons for other disputed territories post-ISIS.

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Challenges (and Opportunities) Ahead

Thank you for being an important part of the EPIC community. Just last week, many of you joined us on #GivingTuesday as we raised funds to advance our mission and help children and families who are suffering in Iraq. This comes at a time of ongoing crisis and concern for families in Mosul and throughout Iraq. Thanks to caring individuals like you, we are responding. Right now, we are in Iraq helping vulnerable children and families in need, and here at home, we are educating policymakers and the public about immediate challenges and long-term opportunities for peace. Here are some

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Getting to the Goal on #GivingTuesday

Last week as we celebrated Thanksgiving, we told you about the brave men and women who help carry out our work on-the-ground in Iraq. These volunteers risk their lives to bring aid and comfort to innocent children and families displaced by violence. They are doing so right now in Tikrit – and we need to provide them with more support. Tikrit was liberated from ISIS in 2015 – but as the militants retreated, they looted the city’s hospitals and clinics leaving medical professionals unable to care for the sick and wounded. Since that time, 12,000 new families have arrived, fleeing

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Giving Thanks

Every year at this time, Americans reflect on what it is we are most grateful for as we celebrate the season of Thanksgiving. At EPIC, we have been blessed with a dedicated network of supporters like you, a staff and Board of Directors who work tirelessly to fulfill our mission, and the encouragement of stories from the field about lives we have been able to reach. The group that brings all of this together are the brave men and women who volunteer to help carry out our work on-the-ground in Iraq – and they deserve our deepest thanks. Our volunteers and

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Catastrophe in Qayyarah

After burning for three months, fires in Qayyarah leave northern Iraq with a twin humanitarian and environmental crisis that will impact thousands of refugees and reshape the region’s political economy. 

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Responding to Needs in Mosul and Beyond

As Iraqi forces push deeper into populated areas of Mosul, they are facing extraordinary dangers. In the midst of street to street battles against ISIS snipers, IEDs, and suicide bombers, families and children flee, trying to escape the fighting. At EPIC, we are responding by closely monitoring and reporting on the crisis, meeting with public officials to rally support for a stronger humanitarian response, and providing as much on-the-ground support as possible to Iraqi families and children fleeing the fighting in and around Mosul. Here are some highlights of our recent efforts: the deployment of our Soccer Salam team to

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Putting Iraq Back Together

The war against ISIS has wrought intense devastation across Iraq. How can the Iraqi government, with international assistance, overcome financial restrictions to reconstruct the country?

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