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Underneath a Liberated Mosul

In March 2017, EPIC Program Assistant Matthew Schweitzer traveled to the recently-liberated neighborhoods in eastern Mosul. During this trip, he accompanied Layla Salih, Director of Antiquities for Ninewa Province, into tunnels dug by ISIS underneath the now-destroyed shrine and tomb of Jonah (known in Arabic as Nabi Younis). There, ISIS excavations revealed a 2,600-year-old Assyrian palace. Here, Matthew describes the expansive tunnel network, the site’s new archaeological treasures, and the challenges facing those trying to preserve them. You can read his other dispatch from eastern Mosul here.  With its famous shrine and tomb of the prophet Jonah now a pile of

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Our Report from Mosul and More…

Our recent publications focus on Iraq’s most immediate humanitarian needs, the importance of strong U.S. and international commitment to peace and reconstruction, and the urgency of supporting political moderates who can carry Iraq forward.

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Iraq’s Quiet Mental Health Crisis

Stigma, insufficient training in mental healthcare for physicians, and subsequent lack of treatment capacity have handicapped efforts to build Iraqi mental healthcare capacity or deliver much-needed psychosocial services.

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To Survive and Succeed in Mosul

Following a recent day trip to eastern Mosul to visit the clinics receiving support from Soccer Salam, EPIC’s Matthew Schweitzer describes the sheer destruction facing the lifelong residents struggling to repair their war-torn city. Just across the Tigris, ISIS violence continues unabated.

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#30: Remembering Mutanabbi Street 10 Years Later

On this edition of Iraq Matters, Moussa al-Naseri, a Baghdad native and witness to the 2007 Mutanabbi Street bombing, and Sarah Browning, renowned poet and peace advocate, commemorate Baghdad’s rich history of poetry and literature and examine how those art forms can be used in reconciliation.

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#29: How are Refugees Resettled in the US?

On this edition of Iraq Matters, Jen Smyers of Church World Service discusses the history of the US refugee resettlement program, explains the process by which refugees are vetted, and outlines why that vetting process might be of concern.

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