EXPLAINER: The Impact of U.S.-Iran Hostilities on Iraqi Aspirations for Sovereignty, Peace and Democratic Reform

With the U.S. targeted killing of Iranian Quds Force Commander Qassim Soleimani and U.S.-Iran confrontations on Iraqi soil, we are closely following fast moving events that carry very serious risks to people we care about, and for the future of peace and democratic reform in Iraq. WHAT WE KNOW Inside… Read more

Best Ten Reads on Iraq for 2018

The past year was marked by considerable political turmoil and unrest in Iraq, underscoring the many challenges that the country faces beyond the battlefield. In 2018, we saw a further erosion of public confidence in Iraqi leaders over corruption, insufficient basic services, and unemployment; a parliamentary election marred by poor… Read more

New Opportunities

It is with mixed emotions that I write to inform our friends that EPIC’s Program Manager, Taif Jany, will be leaving us at the end of this month to join a progressive advocacy group here in Washington, DC. Taif came to us as an intern in 2013, and it was… Read more