Asking For Your Support


In places like Mosul and Sinjar, communities have embarked on the long road to recovery. Young people are using their bare hands to clear debris. Health clinics and shops have reopened and schools are preparing for the next school year.

While such physical signs of rebuilding can be seen across Iraq’s conflict-affected areas, we must never lose sight of the hidden wounds of war.

That’s why we’ve launching this CrowdRise campaign. Our goal: raise $15,000 by July 15th to kick start the provision of mental health care for traumatized children and families in areas most affected by ISIS and the war.

Here’s why that’s so important:

  • More than a third of Iraq’s population was directly harmed by ISIS’s atrocities and the war
  • Far too often it’s the hidden wounds of war that are forgotten, and no one — especially children — should be left to suffer from psychological distress without relief
  • For a population of 37 million, there are only 80 practicing psychologists in Iraq today, leaving most traumatized families and their children without the care they desperately need

For me, this campaign is personal. As a veteran, I have long been aware of the psychological consequences of war, and through EPIC’s humanitarian work in Iraq, we have encountered families who have suffered horrific loss. This campaign is an opportunity for us to continue to serve and support those families.

Please support and share our campaign on CrowdRise.

I hope you’ll consider backing our work to bring hope to traumatized children and families in need.

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