Month: April 2016

ISHM 60: April 22 – 28, 2016

Key Takeaways This week a quorum of the Iraqi Parliament voted on seven of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s 16 cabinet nominees, with five being approved. During that same session, Members of Parliament annulled last week’s session of parliament that replaced Speaker of Parliament Salim al-Jubouri with an interim Speaker. According… Read more

Fallujah Occupation Timeline, 2015-2016

This timeline contains chronological reports of the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) occupation of Fallujah, with a focus on humanitarian concerns, food insecurity, and civilian resistance to occupying ISIS forces. While the majority of these reports come from our weekly Iraq Security and Humanitarian Monitor publication, several supplementary… Read more

This is Personal…

We need to raise $25,000 in 30 days. More than 1,000 displaced families and children in Iraq are counting on our Soccer Salam program to deliver food, clean water, medicine, and other essentials before the start of summer. This effort means a lot to me. I can relate to those… Read more

ISHM 58: April 8 – 14, 2016

Key Takeaways: According to the Head of the Hit District Council in Anbar, Mohammed Mohanad al-Hiti, announced last week that Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and Popular Mobilization Units (PMUs) with the assistance of U.S.-led international coalition have cleared 85% of the city of Hit to the west of Ramadi from… Read more