Day: December 3, 2013

#8: A Conversation with Yasmeen Alamiri

By the age of 23, Yasmeen Alamiri was a White House correspondent. As a young Iraqi American woman who has covered two administrations, what have the past five years been like? How does she view the Obama administration on Iraq? What are her hopes for the future? Tune in as Iraq Matters reports the latest news on Iraq including a special humanitarian update on Syrian refugees, your letters, and a conversation with “a voice driving the media conversation,” the groundbreaking Al-Arabiya journalist and producer Yasmeen Alamiri.

SPECIAL REPORT: Out in the Cold

By Cathy Otten, photography Jacob Russell [wppa type=”cover” album=”2″][/wppa] ERBIL, SULAYMANIYAH, December 3, 2013: When the rains started at the beginning of November, creating streams of mud, Amoud Mohamed found herself fighting to keep her tent dry. “During the rain the tent was moving, at night we couldn’t sleep because… Read more