Month: April 2013

For USAID chief, the FY2014 budget is a matter of life and death

This week Dr. Rajiv Shah, Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is on Capitol Hill to deliver testimony on the international development priorities of President Barack Obama’s proposed FY2014 budget. The total amount that his agency, USAID, and the US State Department and Millennium Challenge Corporation… Read more

A Tale of Two Cities: Events in DC to Mark the Fall of Baghdad

Today, April 9, marks the 10th anniversary of the fall of Baghdad after the US invasion. Within the last decade, the international affairs community has dissected, discussed, and discerned lessons from the War in Iraq. With the anniversary of the early days of the war upon us, Washington is abuzz… Read more

From Iowa to Iraq: Establishing Partnerships to Promote Peace

“Ranting might clear my system, but it’s just the same rant to different audiences. We all know what the problems are. We need to actually be productive.” So said Rick Burns, President of the Karadah Project international (KPI), EPIC’s newest partner organization, regarding the KPI’s latest project: the Iraq-Afghanistan Conference.… Read more

Put Iraq Back on the Agenda Because Iraqi Education Matters

Education is a vital foundation for advancement and progress in society. Without it, citizens remain uninformed and obscured from the tools and knowledge required to promote positive social and political change. Therefore, this week, our campaign to Put Iraq Back on the Agenda focuses on the weak education system in… Read more